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Real, wooden sash windows and casement windows combine all the period character of traditional appearance of the window with modern technology and therefore enhance the look and feel of your home.  Exterior wooden joinery is without any doubts a fantastic way of adding value to your property. 


Windows have certainly come a long way over the years.  They evolved from something to bring light into a home to a structure which provides critical form and function to a home or business.  Wood windows have always been beautiful and very impressive.  So let’s at some ways in which modern technology and old world craftsmanship have combined to create windows which utilize the classic beauty of wood along with advanced features to protect, insulate and enhance the indoor environment.


There are many kinds of wooden windows.  A classic design is called the sash window.  It is typically comprised of two pieces which slide up and down alongside each other.  This type of window is very convenient because it can be opened to allow in fresh air.


Beautiful sash windows can be constructed from a variety of wooden materials to result in a product which has incredible beauty and durability.  For many years sash windows used a mechanism with rope and weights to help made the job of raising and lowering the window easier.  This type of mechanism has been improved with watertight enclosures and a more reliable system to assist with raising and lowering the sash.


The latest modernization and thoroughly handcrafted doors have successfully brought an added dimension of beauty and value to a home.


The Door are basically the first thing that people see, when visiting someone’s home, no matter if it is the main entry point or any other internal and external doors, ergo it is imperative to give it due consideration. An internal and external door has not only a functional meaning; it is also an integral part of home furniture. 


Wood Production Ltd specializes in a wide range of different timber door styles, inter alia, Bi-folding, Sliding, French doors, front and back doors, glazed, highly complex veneered, panelled, plain or fire door in any shape or size. All with door linings to suit or frames complete with architraves and trim. The doors we supply incorporate the highest standards of thermal insulation, market leading security, reliability and durability and finish. A comprehensive service is available from manufacture, supply through to installation – everything to your personal taste and designed to keep the charm and character of your home. Naturally we can also precisely match all designs of the existing internal doors and external doors - all to your exacting specification.



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